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Hi Srikanth,

Points all worthy of consideration and Eric from my team has suggested that at least adding one SQL database into the evaluation may make sense as others with SQL background could claim foul if we haven’t properly evaluated all the options.  With only so much bandwidth and resources, we will rely on the community to help with this as much as possible.  If we can find ardent SQL supporters like yourself that can help with evaluation and demonstrate the good, bad and indifferent parts of all the options, it will allow us to make the appropriate choices.  I have a sense, based on prior work, that while the JDBC/ODBC models and abstraction do allow SQL databases to be more easily swapped, the more structured data schemas make it harder to adapt to the wide range of IoT data types.  But I am always open to the exploration.  Next week’s discussions about how we start to evaluate and move forward with the exploration will be critical and getting volunteers to do the work will be even more critical.



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Hello Jim, all:


Thanks for sharing the great notes. 


I was thinking that SQL maybe more than sufficient for the edge use-case.  It is not clear if there are benefits to noSQL options mentioned especially in single node type configurations.  Do we anticipate edge needs to really scale so large like they may in a cloud/centralized system that may need to serve the "whole world"-type scale?


Regardless, priority wise, does SQL seem the way to go.  Also, IMO, only SQL meets the requirement to easily swap datastores in a compatible way.  And, noSQL generally moves lot more complexity to the application side - which is totally avoidable for edge centric need.




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For those that participated in today’s call on EdgeX data persistence – thank you.  Good call.  The minutes and recording from the meeting can be found here:


As you can see by this email, we have a new EdgeX mailing list.  I will be using this mailing list going forward (as opposed to the Core mailing list).  Please feel free to use this new mailing list to provide any feedback, observations or ask questions regarding data persistence.



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