EdgeX: DevKit follow-up

Brett Preston


Follow-up items from today's DevKit call:

Landing Page: https://www.edgexfoundry.org/devkits/ (pw: EdgeX1!)

Requested / Needed
1. Landing page edits - text/imagery
2. Content for page 2 (which will be linked to from the landing page)
a) Do you want one form/page for DevKit Project Showcase and a separate form/page for Ecosystem for DevKits?
b) What dropdown menu titles? (tied to d/e below)
c) What dropdown menu options? (tied to d/e below)
d) DevKit Project Showcase form (for inbound submissions) - Draft started here
e) DevKit Ecosystem Addition form (inbound submissions) - Draft started here



Brett Preston
Sr. Program Manager
The Linux Foundation
+1 (971) 303-9030

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