Proposed -- Remove Influx DB from Export Distro


Tomorrow on the TSC call we’re going to get a consensus on removing the InfluxDB from the export-distro service. There are two reasons for this:


  1. We don’t believe it’s currently used that much
  2. This tight integration requires us to pull in all of InfluxDB’s dependencies. Have a look:


My position is that the solution for someone that wants to send events to InfluxDB is for them to write their own client that receives events from EdgeX and ships them to Influx, thereby taking the dependency mgmt. on themselves.


Removing these dependencies will improve our build times in the CI-CD pipeline as well.


If you have a highly compelling argument as to why this should be left in place, now is the time.


Trevor Conn

Senior Principal Software Engineer

Dell Technologies | IoT DellTech


Round Rock, TX USA