EdgeX Tech Talk - July 13th


Hello again EdgeX’ers.  This week's EdgeX Tech Talk will be the first in a series of deep dives into a specific micro service.  We'll start with one of the simpler - albeit more important - of the EdgeX services, which is Core Data.  So here is our agenda for Thursday’s talk (July 13th) which will be at 6pm EDT.

Core Data Micro Service - a deep(er) Dive

  • Core Data's general purpose
  • Core Data’s makeup – including technologies/libraries/tools used in Core Data
  • REST API outline (categorizing the APIs by purpose)
  • Core Data object model
    • Event's and Readings
    • Value Descriptors - what are they and how they are used in EdgeX
  • Some important configuration settings
    • Metadata check
    • Persistence via Mongo
    • "streamed" option
    • Message push to export services and/or rules engine

By the way, we will not have a Tech Talk next week (July 20th) as the EdgeX technical committee is meeting in London to discuss the work for our fall release.  We’ll resume the Tech Talk series the following week (July 27th).