Tech Talk Thursda



we have our weekly Tech Talk tomorrow scheduled for 9am ET.  Tomorrow's talk will be on EdgeX's Configuration and Registry micro service.  Here is the topics expected to be covered.  Hope to have you join.

    • C&R's general purposes
    • C&R's makeup - Consul and additions
      • Config Seed
      • Config Watchers
    • Integration with other micro services
      • How micro services bootstrap with C&R
      • Configuration in micro services
      • Default settings in development versus deployment (docker)
    • Configuration data organization and naming conventions
      • key/value pairs
      • association to microservice id namespace
      • profiles
    • Consul Web Interface
    • Registry and service health
    • Dynamic reloading of config data
      • Watchers
    • Future Considerations and additions
      • registry
      • more with watchers
      • Consul or ? (Consul's architecture)