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In the code base of the Java core data and export distro, there were replacement classes and commented-out configuration for use of MQTT in place of ZeroMQ. We initially used MQTT (Paho client - ActiveMQ broker) in Project Fuse. But we found that just too heavy for some of the smaller environments.

Having said that, as we go forward and pick a "reference implementation" alternate to ZeroMQ, I would also like to again allow for those with larger platforms and use cases that need it to replace whatever we choose (Nats, etc.) with their own implementation of message infrastructure (like MQTT or even one of the rejected alternatives if it is more appropriate to their needs). We need to isolate the messaging function from the rest of the micro service so that alternatives are more easily dropped in place. That's the goal.

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NATS seems to scale up very well indeed...
A good start would be if a EdgeX could sustain just 1% of what you mentioned about Mosquitto (130k -> 1.3k mps) on a RPi...
Thanks for sharing the stats.

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Thanks for your reply, I understand your points.

There are also MQTT broker implementations in Golang (e.g.<>) although I never tested them.
Just curious: do you know on a Raspberry Pi how many messages/second
can NATS process? (assuming 1 publisher and 1 subscriber for simplicity).
That depends on your RAM, but NATS is a monster:<>
"NATS was originally built with Ruby and achieved a respectable 150k messages per second. The team rewrote it in Go, and now you can do an absurd 8-11 million messages per second. It's tiny, just a 3MB Docker image"

Mosquitto can achieve ~130k on a serious machine, if really pushed to the edge. MQTT aedes can go ~200k:<>

I would not be surprised that NATS goes beyond 200k mps on RPim but I never did the benchmarks - you must check with NATS community.

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