Re: [discuss] Introduce Codeclimate to improve code quality

Jeremy Phelps

Another option is to use SonarCube, we have several other projects that use this; ONAP for example has one here
I did notice that there is a plugin supported by SonarSource as well  In addition ot being open source, it
also offers a CLI and a Jenkins plugin.

On Mon, Jun 11, 2018 at 10:08 AM, vinoyang <yanghua1127@...> wrote:
Hi Trevor,

It seams the CodeClimate is free for open source forever : , the link shows there are many popular project use it, like Bootstrap, Angular, Node.js, jQuery, Rails and so on.

The article you mentioned is good.

No matter what tools would been chose. I think there is one import thing : contributor could run local check in their local machine. So if the tool has a CLI that would be better.

Vino yang.

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