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Jeremy Phelps

Hi Trevor,
I am in favor of something like this generally.  I think because we use GitHub we will have to have client side hooks ( I will look into it further though ).  There are tools available to help share commit hook scripts such as  Lets put this on the table for discussion, we can ramp up the DevOps WG meetings again if we need extra time.

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Per our discussion in the Core WG call yesterday, I’m working today on looking for code quality tools that we can easily integrate and that will do as many of the required checks prior to merge as possible. I found the above git pre-commit script which can be used to run gofmt prior to commit on the client side. Sample output for poorly formatted code when I try to commit looks like this:


Go files must be formatted with gofmt. Please run:

  gofmt -w /Users/tconn/go/src/


I can't commit until I fix the problems. The only downside, as I understand it, is that it relies on the developer to create the scripts and give it execute permissions. Plus I don’t understand how this can be source controlled. It looks like there are server-side git hooks as well.


Would this be more appropriate as a server-side hook that runs during a push? If so, what’s the effort in setting that up in all Go repos? How about when we create new Go repos?


The script is linked from a larger blog post:

Using this strategy we could also wire in golint and other tools. Thoughts?

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