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Hi Trevor,

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We had an extremely old and outdated docker-compose.yaml in the /edgex-go/docker directory and we fielded many questions from people who were new to EdgeX about why our compose file didn't work. It turned out they were all attempting to raise the containers from this old, outdated file.

From this we learned that the first thing many users will do in order to take EdgeX for an initial spin is cd into /edgex-go/docker and execute "docker-compose up". We put the mechanism in there to load the latest release docker-compose.yaml via curl so that the users would be able to easily load up the latest release. If they want to then tweak the file to use local images, that will be easy now that they have the file locally.

With regard to proposing changes to the compose file, that should be easy enough since the location is in the script. From there the user can see the appropriate repo against which to submit a PR.
OK, got it. You want that we maintain docker-compose.yaml over here:

We can maybe add this info README, it will be easier to spot than
opening the scripts, etc...

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