go repos concerns

Fede Claramonte

Hi all,

First of all I want to thank Dell for the initial go code for the core microservices. Good work.

I have been learning about the core Go code and I have some concerns about the layout of the code on different repositories.

We have several repos, each one with one different edgex module or lib. Each repo uses glide to vendor all dependencies, including the other edgex modules. So we have the same code copied over all the repositories in the vendor folder(e.g. core-domain-go, support-domain-go). My concerns:

1) Each time a repo changes we all will need to update the vendor folder manually. I think it will be wearisome and error-prone.

2) Another problem is to know if a change in any module (e.g. core-domain-go) breaks some other module. We will need to manually compile all the dependent modules to make sure we will not break any other module.

3) Previous point will be also influence how CI is implemented, it will need to launch several jobs after a change to test if it breaks some other module.

On the other hand we have the layout Drasko set up for export services. It contains all the needed code to compile several microservices and it is trivial to know when any change breaks some other module in the repo.

I would propose to use something similar to what Drasko did, i.e. having all/most of the edgex Go code in only one repo as follows:

├── cmd                 // The main file for each microservice in each folder
│   ├── core-data
│   ├── core-metadata
│   ├── export-client
│   ├── export-distro
│   └── support-logging
├── core                // core-domain-go
│   ├── clients         // core-clients-go
│   ├── data            // core-data-go
│   └── metadata        // core-metadata-go
├── device              // Device helplers
│   └── virtual         // device virtual
├── dockerfiles
├── export // The export repository
│ ├── client
│   └── distro
└── support             // support-domain-go
    └── logging

With this layout it will be easier to work with the code, all in only one repo. After changing something in edgex-go/core/XXX.go you just need to build and run the tests locally to know if the change breaks something. This is also a lot easier for CI, as there is no dependencies between different repos.



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