Mono-repo: What About Submodules?


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What does the group think of using git submodules with regard to the question of the Go mono-repo?


It might require restructuring the repo a bit, but a possible use case is that we put common code in a “root” repo (the cross-cutting logic such as core/domain and support) and then refer to the individual services as submodules of the root (such as data, metadata, command, etc).


In this way, a dev can work on the individual service because it will have its own repo OR could work on the whole platform should he/she wish to make changes to cross-cutting concerns to support a feature within a given service. The latter could necessitate a version increment of the whole platform (0.X.y) where X is the root and y is the submodule. The first number (0) could correspond to a milestone release.


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