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+1 for Piotr Standard.

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I like eddie-standard. Nice work!

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Here are 3 new design proposals for a potential EDGE X mascot.
The idea was to make the character more octopus like, less childish and more smart.

  *   EDGARD – blue, minimalist design
  *   EDDY – green mint, cartoon spirit
  *   PIOTR – violet, octopus classic

In addition, a 3 color variation of the initial ‘EDGY’ design with a new name ‘ED’.
As, the ‘pink’ may add too much cutness to the design, it might be interesting to reconsider the shape with those tints.

  *   ED – 3 colors variations (pink / red / petrol)

Those designs are first steps to be improved after selection, if there is one selected of course.
If you have any feedback, please let me know.


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