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EdgeX Community,

The Go lang mono repo for our project (containing core and export services) is now operational and appears that builds and such are working well.  Unless we here objections from someone in the community over the next couple of days, I am going to ask Jeremy Phelps to put the existing Go lang repo in “archive” state (accepting no other updates/PRs/etc.).


This effort has been a pretty big one and it should help to accelerate our efforts to producing even more Go work quicker.  We owe many thanks to the Cavium Team (Fede Claramonte and Gorka Garcia), Mainflux Team (Drasko Draskovic & Janko Isidorovic and team), and Jeremy Phelps from the Linux Foundation.  Fede, Drasko and Jeremy in particular spent some considerable hours working on this effort.  Without people like those just mentioned, EdgeX is just an ideal.  Thanks guys! 


On top of that, I have additional news.  Fede has been a busy man!!  If you notice in the new edgex-go repo, Fede has developed the logging service in Go!!!  Some work still remains, but the efforts to complete the EdgeX diet and make it skinny and fast are accelerate thanks to the great work by Fede and others in our community.


Go Go Developer Team!


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