Core WG Meeting -> covering Device Service WG items this week




Heads up:  Core WG time this week will be used for Device Service WG issues.  – Due to the backlog of device service issues that are impactful to a number of Fuji release work streams (including Core WG items), we are asking Device Service WG attendees to attend the Core WG meeting on Thursday (10am Central time) if possible.  Core WG members, the issues being considered are also those that impact Core work and so are still important to you as well.  BTW - Trevor and Steve are on board with this use of this meeting time this week.


The issues that I would like to try to tackle in this special Device Service meeting (in order of priority) include the following:


  1. Value Descriptors created only in core – an issue discussed at Seoul and added to our Fuji release.  Trevor has the details (he just sent out an email) and will cover issue in the meeting and see if we can get design consensus
  2. Provision Watchers/blacklists design – based on the call today, I think we should try to finalize this design sooner versus later and I don’t think we are too far from it.  Although I asked Steve and Iain to take the lead, I’d like to propose the following in the group and see if we can get consensus:
    1. Keep the Provision Watcher schema with wild cards as is (or was with Java).  We may have to do some work on the way the scan lists are specified to provide cleaner/better ways of specifying scan ranges/scopes, but we can work that as we go forward.  Also remove the full device profile from the Provision Watcher (just have the name)
    2. Use the internal scheduler (replacing use of the support scheduler) to trigger scans
    3. As Tony suggested, not have a blacklist/whitelist, but use changes to the Provision Watcher scan list to exclude/include.  If you un-provision a device and don’t want it to be picked back up in the next scan, include this in a Provision Watcher update before removing the device
  3. Bootstrapping additions per Daniel Harms message (Per-Device bootstrapping function in EdgeX DS SDK for Fuji release).
  4. What to do with the Mindsphere DS contributed by WiPro in holding


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