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We held our team meetings this week to discuss Delhi planning and EdgeX in general.  We agree that there is help to give and improvements to provide to DevOps.

Please also include Trevor and Brandon (copied) from our team on any DevOps meeting.


Also, we came up with some agenda items (possibly additions or echos to items you suggest below).  Here are our suggested topics for the re-started DevOps meeting.


•             We need test coverage / integration tests running well for all of EdgeX

•             We need to require tests are submitted for any new APIs/service updates as part of any PR

•             Test QA group needs to drive the infrastructure, but community needs to provide the appropriate tests

•             Black box tests need to run with each PR (but not necessarily halt merge of PR) and the black box tests need to run nightly with reports of failures/issues sent to subscribers email.

•             The EdgeX leadership and community need to be full participants to DevOps work.

•             We need all WG chairs with code responsibilities to be in DevOps meetings.  Everyone needs to be full participants and not leave Jeremy to do it all/solve it all.

•             We need DevOps backup/alternates from the community (we are looking internally at what we might be able to do/offer, but should solicit community as well)

•             Not against a release manager role, but what would they do?  How do they add value?

•             Recommend new PR/CI pipeline that looks like this:


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+1 – please invite me


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We are in need to set up the DevOps meeting again in order to plan more appropriately.  I am proposing a meeting time of 1pm-2pm Central Time on Monday's but want to get feedback from those interested in attending.


Some initial topics to discuss will be:

1) Developer Workflow (this will affect everyone)

2) Enhanced integration test

3) Release automation (to include branch cutting and versioning strategy)

4) Long running Jenkins job that runs EdgeX in a distributed environment using HEAT templates.

5) Planning around supported docker-compose formats

6) Deprecation of java services


Once we agree on a time I will start a deck and share with the meeting invite.



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