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Jeremy Phelps

Yes, we can spec a `version` parameter in glide.yaml
# The version can be a branch, tag, commit id, or a semantic version
# constraint parsable by
version: 1.0.0

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Dell Customer Communication

Have you seen an example/proposal for how this would be done?


I can add to our agenda under new business but we may not get to it this week as we have a pretty full list already.




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Subject: go service dependencies


We currently manage go deps with glide.  Though we have discussed moving off of it I don't think we are currently ready.  As such, we need to make sure when we are pulling internal deps that we pull them from the correct branch since we now have california.



security-api-gateway pulls in edgex-go as a dep.

The glide.yaml for california branch (of security-api-gateway) should pull in the california branch of edgex-go.


This would be a good discussion point for the Core-WG meeting this week to look at if we should do this (if it is really an issue) for sure and some other finer points.



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