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Gregg, James R


Here’s the direct link to the release process as documented.



~ James Gregg


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Hi Jacob,


Thanks for putting this together. I do have one consideration with respect to not cutting a new branch for i.e. device-snmp-go for the snap jobs. If we don't cut the branch then I think that means we should also not request snap tracks for those repos until as you say they break compatibility, and as such also not create additional Edinburgh branch snap jobs.


I think this is all fine, but we should document somewhere that when a branch for Edinburgh is cut, in addition to the normal jobs snap jobs will also need to be created. I raise this issue because right now it seems that I'm the only one creating these snap jobs and it's easy for me to do so during a release when we're talking about all of the repos, but when this branch gets cut at some later date me or whoever else is helping maintain snaps may not be looped into that decision. 


Is there somewhere we have documented specific EdgeX release processes? If we have that then I can document there how to create the snap jobs (it's all already templated so it's quite easy to create the new yaml in ci-management) and that should help ensure whoever works on this when a future release is cut out of sync with the normal release creates the new snap jobs.




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Lisa and I put together the asks from this morning’s DevOps call



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