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Rashidi-ranjbar, Lisa A

Hi Jim,


To be clear we are advocating that the Edinburgh branches are not needed right away in the pipeline enabled repos.

This is because with the pipeline jobs we have the ability to do a release off the master branch.

For the freestyle jobs creating the branch is needed because we do not have a mechanism to release off master.

In the event that a pipeline repo has a non-backwards compatible change we can create the Edinburgh branch at that time.


This is why we are suggesting to move device-sdk-go to a pipeline job. We can make release candidates off the master branch for device-sdk-go which will allow for more integration time.

I can go through more implications in the device WG next week.


To clarify for Edinburgh we only expected to have the go-modules with pipeline enabled jobs.

Since we got a little bit ahead we started to work on Fuji scope in DevOps.

These discussions about releasing off master I originally thought would happen after Edinburgh was over.

Since we have 2 extra repos with pipelines enabled now – we need have this discussion and to start communicating the pros and cons more.





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Thanks for pulling this together Jacob.


On the first part, I don’t see the Pipeline Repos ask as too big a deal, but I am still unclear as to why this is desired.  Are you suggesting we not make Edinburgh branches until they are actually needed?  We did cut branches on all the other repositories.  Would it have been your advocation not to cut those branches as well until necessary?


On the second issue – device-sdk-go release – I’d ask that this be covered and debated in the device service WG for Monday of next week.  Steve Osselton, can you add this to the agenda?





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Lisa and I put together the asks from this morning’s DevOps call



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