California Pre-Release

Jeremy Phelps

Hello all,
I built the containers locally and have pushed them up to docker hub.  They are now available by pulling as below.

docker pull edgexfoundry/export-distro-go:0.5.0-california-pre-release
docker pull edgexfoundry/export-client-go:0.5.0-california-pre-release
docker pull edgexfoundry/core-command-go:0.5.0-california-pre-release
docker pull edgexfoundry/core-metadata-go:0.5.0-california-pre-release
docker pull edgexfoundry/core-data-go:0.5.0-california-pre-release

As we discussed I did not branch cut or tag a git SHA as these are just available as a show.  The CICD around go services will be done very shortly and I look forward to have Jenkins do stuff for us. 
Let me know if you should need anything else.

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