Re: Publishing docs

Steve Osselton <steve@...>

Hi Jeremy,

Have a look in edgex-go repository in the docs, sub directory. The script should
build the documentation (using a docker container) into the _build sub directory that is
mounted as a volume into the container. Look at, and
You should just be able to:

cd docs

Should be straight forward to integrate this with CI.

Let me know of any questions, problems etc.

Cheers Steve.

On 17 May 2018 at 16:49, Jeremy Phelps <jphelps@...> wrote:
Hi Steve and Andy,
I want to go ahead and get a start on building out a jenkins job that generates the html.  A good start will be just to get ahold of your script that do that....which I can then insert/translate into JJB.

Once that is done I'll set up a site repo to host the docs at


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