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Date : 2017-12-08 01:19 (GMT+9)

Title : [Edgex-tsc-core] archival / remove of EdgeX repositories



we did not have quorum on the Core Working Group call today, so I need to conduct a vote via email.  Please provide a +1 to allow the following GitHub repositories to be either archived or removed.



  • docker-edgex-mongo-seed
  • docker-core-consul
  • docker-device-virtual
  • docker-core-config-seed
  • docker-support-logging
  • docker-support-scheduler
  • docker-export-distro
  • docker-core-data
  • docker-core-command
  • docker-core-metadata
  • docker-export-client
  • docker-support-notifications
  • docker-support-rulesengine
  • project-boards

These repositories where used when the initial Fuse code was brought over to create the docker containers for the micro services.  These are no longer needed as that process is now taken care of by our CI/build processes.
The project-boards repository was a test to see if we could create visible GitHub Issues via special repository.



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