Re: Help Needed for additional validation of TIG stack



We recently worked to outline a budget for potential testing tools for approval of the EdgeX governing board.  Governing board decision is still pending.  Andy and team have not finalized on tool selection, but we wanted to have a budget in place to accommodate needs in this area.


Having said that – if Intel is able to provide some hosting and help, we greatly welcome and would appreciate that!!    Let’s work with Andy and his team to first define what it is we need and then let’s see where Intel can help or where budget dollars need to be applied.  Having Intel volunteer some resources may allow us to also stretch the budget to accomplish more.



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Is there a need for a place to host the InfluxDB and Grafana dashboard for the performance testing that is being discussed for the Edinburgh release?  I am willing to gain Intel management approval for a cloud hosting environment and help build out the infrastructure, if there’s a need for it for the future testing.


Thank you


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