blackbox test release tag and schedule change

Cloud Tsai

Hi DevOps team,

I would like to give you guys a head up about what we plan to do for the release in blackbox test repositories and ask for the opinions.

I thought the concept should be the same as the modules, because we only need a tag.
After the Geneva images are released and we create the Geneva docker-compose file in developer-scripts, QA team will do the following actions:
  1. Add the Jenkinsfile into the blackbox test repositories: and
  2. Change the sync and deployment script to test against the official release images.
  3. Confirm all the test cases are passed.
  4. Open a PR in cd-management to tag the release.
  5. Change  the sync and deployment script back to test against the master staged images.
Also, since the staged images build will be automatically triggered when each PR is merged, the schedule of blackbox daily run would not need to follow the image build time now.  I would like to modify the  blackbox daily run schedule to our morning (around 9 AM Taipei time, and it's 12 PM now).
We just need your help for PR review.  Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thanks.

Best Regards,
Cloud Tsai