From Ike Alisson: Info on evolvement/enhancement of Security with Quantum Computing

Ike Alisson <ike.alisson@...>

Hello James et al,
With reference to yesterday's TSC Security meeting, as promissed during the meeting, please see atached (in text below and to the mail) some info that may affect the Security aspects in the coming 12-24 months, and in  case of convenience and/or preference, to be utilised at choice:

1. Link below to a video on Security Encryption comparing the RSA encryption keys with Quantum Computing Encryption keys (based on BB84 and E91 Protocols utilizing the Shor's algorithm and "superposition" and "entanglement" states and related to the latter, "decoherence") that the current RSA Encryption Security will not stand against and have a chance.
P.S. Please note that the technology in the video refers to Google/D-Wave, while IBM and Microsoft has different technology approach (former with Quantum GWs and the latter with quasi-particles, non-abelian anyons).

2. Attach to this mail and in the Link below, info to IBM Q (IBM Quantum Experience Research Lab) providing an access to two (2) Quantum Computing Platforms (one as a simulator and the 2nd for Commercial use with 3-5 Qbits capacity) for developers interested in developing and running Applications on Quantum Computing Technology). Please note that Microsoft has a similar set-up.

3. Attached to this mail, there is a "Developer Guide" (that I need to update, sorry for that..) elaborating on the set-up for Developers for developing applications. 
Hope that this might be of use to you and/or the rest of the colleagues at the TSC Security Edge X Foundry in the coming months.
Sincerely yours, 

Ike Alısson
ALICON (ALIsson CONsulting)
GSM :                +46 707 60 99 00
E-mail:               ike.alisson@...
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