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Ike Alisson ALICON Sweden

Hello James et al,
Thank you for your mail update.
I am sorry to hear about the delay related to Vault. I agree that it is an important aspect.

On the issue of undertaking the responsibility, I hereby would like to convey that as with everyone's participation at the weekly TSC Security meetings and possibility to contribute and/or provide feedback, I hereby would like to emphasize that, it is a Team Work and therein, it is everyone's shared responsibility for such delays. 

When it comes to the success and achievements (there is a difference between the two), I personally think that it is a priviledge to be in a group at which I have the chance to listen to experts like you and your Team members such as Tingyu and Ahmad and yourself and being able to enrich my knowledge and experience in the field of Security. 
For this delay, as a participating and non-voting TSC Security Member, I would like to convey that I am standing side by side with you and everyone in your Team and fully share the responsibility for the delay.
Sincerely yours,
Ike Alısson
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Den mån 20 maj 2019 kl 19:32 skrev <James.White2@...>:

TSC & EdgeX community,


I am sad to report that we ran into some issues implementing the Vault security work for Edinburgh release (v1.0).  In particular, the ability to have the database using services pull in the database username/password from Vault (versus Consul where they are in clear text) is not going to make our May 28 freeze date.  I take full responsibility for this slip.  My team has been working hard on this, and we just did not anticipate some complexities with the service bootstrapping.


Tingyu from team has already worked a detailed task plan about the work that remains and we are pretty confident that we can and will have the solution shortly -  but just not in time for the May 28 freeze.  On the TSC call this week, I am going to share our plan for getting the work done and I will be requesting a Edinburgh dot release for a to-be-determined date this summer (likely July or August timeframe).  I welcome comments and thoughts this Wednesday.



Jim White

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