Intel EPID For Device Onboarding


HI all,
during the last f2f meeting in Barcelona, we mentioned problem of
device onboarding, and problem of dedicating a distinctive asymmetric
key to each device during manufacturing phase.

I was looking yesterday a video on edge security:, and saw that there are
already implementation of Intel's EPID
( used on Dell's

On a very fast glance
I like the idea of having one-to-many mapping of public-private keys,
at least for two reasons:
1) It is easier to keep just one public on a server and not to have
quaries each time a device onboards to find it's public key (although
probably query for the group must be done)
2)You can keep anonymity on a group level

I was wondering - did anybody had experience with EPID before? I see
that it is open standard, I saw even some Apache-2.0 device-side
implementations (, but I
was wondering how open it is and can it be useful for EdgeX case?

Best regards,
Mainflux Author and Technical Advisor | Industrial IoT Cloud
Engineering Division | Paris, France

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