[SECURITY] EdgeX Auth Service in Go


Hi all,
I have advanced with my Auth service: https://github.com/drasko/edgex-auth

- HTTPS (TLS v1.2) is working
- NginX is forwarding all requests to Auth service via standard
feature `auth_request`:

In progress:
- Consul auto-discovery support (NginX can read Consul)
- Traefik support (Traefik also has `auth_request` forwarding feature)

At this point I think that code has basic functionality and can be
contributed to EdgeX official codebase.

It will bring:
- User creation and management
- User login via JWT token
- Authorization (access control) to all API endpoints if user is not logged in
- TLS encryption

If you are interested I can present the service on one of the
following TSC meetings.

Best regards,
Mainflux Author and Technical Advisor

www.mainflux.com | Industrial IoT Cloud
Engineering Division | Paris, France

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/draskodraskovic
Twitter: @draskodraskovic

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