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White2, James

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Thanks for this work!
Because this is a security feature, if you don't mind, let's work it through the security working group first. This WG has been working on the reverse proxy as well as AA and data protection (through Vault). I'd like to make sure their work and yours is merged appropriately. I can send a note to Doug Gardner (WG chair) tomorrow and ask that he get it on the schedule. After that conversation, we can move the work into the temp repo and work it through the new contribution process.

Thanks again Drasko.

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Subject: [SECURITY] EdgeX Auth Service in Go

Hi all,
I have advanced with my Auth service:

- HTTPS (TLS v1.2) is working
- NginX is forwarding all requests to Auth service via standard feature `auth_request`:

In progress:
- Consul auto-discovery support (NginX can read Consul)
- Traefik support (Traefik also has `auth_request` forwarding feature)

At this point I think that code has basic functionality and can be contributed to EdgeX official codebase.

It will bring:
- User creation and management
- User login via JWT token
- Authorization (access control) to all API endpoints if user is not logged in
- TLS encryption

If you are interested I can present the service on one of the following TSC meetings.

Best regards,
Mainflux Author and Technical Advisor | Industrial IoT Cloud
Engineering Division | Paris, France

Twitter: @draskodraskovic

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