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Hi Jim,

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Thanks for this work!
Because this is a security feature, if you don't mind, let's work it through the security working group first.
Sure - this is why mail was sent to TSC Security ML.

This WG has been working on the reverse proxy as well as AA and data protection (through Vault). I'd like to make sure their work and yours is merged appropriately. I can send a note to Doug Gardner (WG chair) tomorrow and ask that he get it on the schedule. After that conversation, we can move the work into the temp repo and work it through the new contribution process.
It should be noted that my work is in PoC phase. It implements a
service behind the reverse proxy to which proxy sends each request for
auth. This service is practically a "replacement" for "config file"
approach - the philosophy is the same, just that NginX does not read
config file, but consults Auth service instead.

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