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I think that is a great idea - we can certainly also host in Tampa. We really do need folks to complete the assignment agreed to at the last two meetings - to consolidate everyone's input. Have only received limited response to date. Doug is going to assist in arranging another phone call - to follow up and get the members status.


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Hi David
I'll raise this on the TSC call tomorrow.
best Regards
Keith Steele
TSC Chair

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Hi All,

I tried to attend some of the London session remotely. I missed the Security session, but it looks like the following was agreed for Barcelona:

* No implementation as MVP
* Build longer term roadmap – the EdgeX security story
* Agreement on what security features are going to be in EdgeX and what’s going to be provided by the platform that EdgeX runs on (example: the underlying platform must have a keystore)
* Agreement on security requirements
* Define what EdgeX security service(s) need to be eventually implemented
* Define what security hooks need to be added to the existing micro services
* Define what standards, protocols, etc. are going to be adhered to and followed by EdgeX (ex: IIC specs, OAuth tokens, etc.)
* Provide guidance on how security features can/should be tested

I think it would be very helpful for the Security wg to have a F2F to jumpstart progress on the above. Forgerock is willing to host at our office in SF assuming the number of attendees is less than 20 (room size limit). I was thinking late August would be good timing. Maybe the week of 8/21?

I know several members of the Security working group have offices in SF, so I thought it would be convenient. I am open to other suggestions as well.

John? Team? What do you think?


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