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Interestingly enough, works on ReadTheDocs practically out of the box:

At least first two chapters, then it got lost :)

I just pointed ReadTheDocs to our repo, this is what it produced. I'd
have to see if some additional tweaks are needed and how to tell RDD
to use it's own template, not this white one...

Best regards,

On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 11:41 AM, Andrew Foster <andy@...> wrote:
Dear EdgeX community,

As part of the forthcoming California release it was decided that the
existing product level content from the Wiki and any new content generated
to support the release would be converted into a format (we decided on
reStructuredText - reST) that enables this information to live alongside the
code and be managed from the EdgeX Foundry GitHub repository.

The initial work to support the work has now been completed, although we are
still improving and tidying up the content as we head towards the California

The new documentation can be accessed at Once you have
cloned the edgex-go repository you can simply build the documentation by
running $ . from the /docs directory.

The source reST and graphics files are held in individual directories
underneath the /docs directory.

We have also hosted a generated HTML version of EdgeX Documentation at it
you don’t want to build your own local copy of the documentation then this
is the best place to start.

We would welcome feedback on the new documentation and if you spot any
typos, bad formatting etc. then you can simply report it to me
(andy@...) to start with or alternatively add an Issue to GitHub
and assign it to me (andyf1967).



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