Blog: Security Services in California release

Michael Hall <mhall@...>

Hi Mae,

Here's a link to a draft for my next blog entry, about the security
services introduced in the California release. It doesn't go into a lot
of technical detail, but gives an overview of what the benefit of those
services are and the role they play in the overall architecture of EdgeX

I've also copied the Security WG mailing list on this. David, Tingu,
Alain this is based off the information I got from your presentation to
the TSC last month. Can you also review the text and let me know if I
got anything wrong, or anything that you would like to be added? The
purpose of the blog post is to spread awareness that we have these
security services now, and then if people are interested in more details
we can direct from there.

Thank you all!

Michael Hall
Contractor, The Linux Foundation

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