EdgeX Security WG Team: suggestions for next steps (California)

Alain Pulluelo

Hi All,

In the same effort to jumpstart progress on the several deliverables that the Security WG team will soon agree/define, you’ll find a PDF file attached to this email. This is a recap of suggestions and discussion starting points in order to formalize ideas, directions, areas of interest and mandatory topics for the next steps. This non exhaustive document should help us to define requirements, and execute subsequent approved tasks to deliver security features for the California release milestone. 

I understand some of you might not have time to review it before our scheduled call tomorrow, but this is food for thoughts for our next meetings (calls and F2F) and we’ll be happy David and me to eventually answer questions and comments to refine this document.



Alain Pulluelo

VP Security & Mobile Innovation

ForgeRock Office of the CTO

email: alain.pulluelo@... || PGP Key ID: 0xA222597C

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