EdgeX Foundry China Project Update in Q1 2020 #china

Gavin Lu

Hello guys,


This is a brief update of our activities in Q1 2020.




After EdgeX Foundry China Project inaugural meeting on Dec 17, 2019, we started to run it as we planned, leveraging as much as possible resources provided by LF Edge and EdgeX Foundry global community, and enhancing popular practices among community members in China at the same time.


China Project sub wiki site is continuously updated at https://wiki.edgexfoundry.org/display/FA/China+Project with collected content altogether. Three monthly meetings were conducted on Jan 10, Feb 14 and Mar 6, where attendees are community core members from VMware, Intel, Thundersoft, CertusNet, EMQ, IoTech and other active companies.


Webinars of technical talks


In order to get more developers familiarize with EdgeX code base, unblock obstacles and boost their interest to contribute to and innovate in the community, prepare for the hackathon, from Feb, we started a tight series of weekly webinars to introduce EdgeX Foundry components and code level analysis. We already finished three sessions on Feb 28, Mar 6 and Mar 13, contributed by VMware (twice) and Thundersoft. These technical talks are welcomed very much, with the audience accumulated to around 300 in total. There are three others planned on Mar 20, Mar 27 and Apr 2, which will be contributed by IoTech and Intel (twice).


Direct code contributions


The first result of Virtual Sandbox in China Project came out in Q1. EMQ published an OSS project Kuiper for rule engine in edge & IoT area in last winter, and they had a strong interest to contribute to EdgeX Foundry community. China Project built the connection of EMQ with the proper technical leaders in EdgeX Foundry global community, and hosted the initial round of technical discussion meetings. Right now it’s agreed to include Kuiper container in EdgeX Docker Compose file, targeting to have that integration for Geneva release in Apr 2020. EMQ has biweekly meetings setup with EdgeX App WG to ensure that happen. This is the second major contribution from China to EdgeX community after UI by VMware, which we recently also added more resources to upgrade and catch up Geneva release.


We expect, encourage and support more direct substantial contributions coming later.




In Q1 we had Chinese Spring Festival break annually, and the recent coronavirus outburst also made a sudden and strong impact. While mostly working from home for better safety, members of China Project are still trying to make some progress to promote EdgeX Foundry. For examples,


·         Intel, Dell and VMware are leading EdgeX Foundry Hackathon plan in China, adapting the schedule accordingly.

·         Thundersoft is planning to co-organize an AI & IoT Innovation Contest with other hosts, and hold a webinar on EdgeX for developers in Mar.

·         Wayclouds is collaborating with Opple on smart lighting using EdgeX platform, targeting in mid of Apr.


As a common seen approach, we setup an official WeChat ID ”EdgeXFoundryCN” (EdgeXFoundry社区” in Chinese), which will help us promote EdgeX Foundry as an independent communication channel. After just 10 days and three posts, the followers of this ID increased to around 150. We will leverage this WeChat ID as well as all existing EdgeX Foundry WeChat groups and Linux Foundation WeChat group, and other WeChat IDs operated by community members.


We understand that this is an extraordinary time, and we are adjusting to the rapidly evolving situation. In the meanwhile, we also try best to remain focused on supporting the community and delivering our commitments. Let’s work together and make it happen.


Thanks & best regards,





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