Review of vertical gap analysis

White2, James

Members of TSC and Vertical Solutions Working Group

The Core WG met today and reviewed the gap analysis provided by the Oil/Gas Vertical.  As a result of that meeting, here is a quick summary/recommendation of the Core WG to the TSC with regard to each request (with a few more to be decided at the next meeting):

·           OPC-UA device service - on roadmap for short term as far as Samsung contribution is concerned.

·           OPC-DA device service – out of scope for now, but will readdress if a contribution or VS WG submit.  Will also provide guidance and advice to any group willing to do this work.

·           Modbus device service improvements – look for IoTech fixes for California.  Beyond these fixes, make decisions based on the longer-term usefulness and support of the Java DS in general.  Revisit larger refactoring or redo in C/Go as future consideration as with all existing Java device services

·           Zigbee, LoRa, DDS, and Profinet device services - on the level with OPC-DA, and therefore  out of scope for now, but will readdress if a contribution or VS WG submit.  Will also provide guidance and advice to any group willing to do this work.

·           GPS device service (or otherwise tag reading data with location information) – viewed as an important feature that EdgeX should address, therefore add this to the technical roadmap for consideration as part of Delhi release

·           User interface for configuration – viewed potentially fringing on areas of commercial offerings.  Out of scope for now.  In the longer-term roadmap, this might be a nice to have.

·           Rules engine replacement (a lighter/easier CEP) - for the most part, EdgeX today should be concerned with connectivity and enabling other services and this seems to fall outside of that purview.  Out of scope for now.  We may want to work on how to make it easier to wrap or incorporate 3rd party capability in the future.

·           Logging (need to be able to specify persistency policies for type of logs) - there appear to be many additional needed features (from use case needs such as indicated by oil/gas on data retention, cleanup, and those of security needs for doing more robust monitoring) that indicate the logging service features and APIs be relooked (and presumably re-implemented).  Therefore relook the logging service capabilities and APIs for the Delhi release. 

·           There was not enough time to look at the remainder of these items.  Pushed these to discussion in the next meeting.

o    Export data from date – to date operation (historical data)

o    OSI Soft Pi Export connector

o    InfluxDB Export connector

Thanks to all who participated.  See the meeting notes or recording for more details on each requirement and the discussion with regard to it:

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