Review of oil/gas gap analysis

White2, James

Keith (Mr. Chairman J),

In the core working group with all the working group chairs, we have reviewed the Oil/Gas gap analysis and made some determination as to what items should be added to the overall EdgeX roadmap.  Here are the recommendations we submit to the TSC for approval:

·         Export data from date – to date operation (historical data):  add “filter” need to roadmap, for Delhi

·         OPC-UA device service:  being done by Samsung.  Will be evaluated per new process and potentially bring it in as one of the supported services. 

·         Modbus device service improvements:  we need to address the Java Modbus service, to what extent we can, for California release.  Keith and his team are doing that and plan to submit fixes back to the community.  Beyond fixes identified, whether an improved service is contributed or kept as a commercial offering is still to be determined.  Decision – look for IoTech fixes for California.  Beyond these fixes, make decisions based on the longer-term usefulness and support of the Java DS in general.  Revisit larger refactoring or redo in C/Go as future consideration as with all existing Java device services

·         GPS device service (or otherwise tag reading data with location information):  being able to tag data with location (whether lat/long from a GPS or other location information) is an important feature that EdgeX should address.  Recommend add this to the technical roadmap for consideration as part of Delhi release

·         Logging – need to be able to specify persistency policies for type of logs:  clarification - some micro services need to keep their logs forever.  Others just need a cache for logs.  Ex:  command would keep its logs forever.  Decision – relook the logging service capabilities and APIs for the Delhi release.  We may also want to track this as an issue in Github Projects today.

These items we find not necessarily worthy of the general EdgeX community attention at this time, but we welcome the Vertical Solutions Group to continue to work these and welcome a contribution for consideration to the general product (or a particular vertical specific addition of the product).

·         OPC-DA device service

·         Zigbee, LoRa, DDS, and Profinet device services

·         User interface for configuration

·         Rules engine replacement – a lighter/easier CEP

·         OSI Soft Pi Export connector

·         InfluxDB Export connector – could be achieved in different ways

With TSC’s approval, we’ll add the appropriate items into the various roadmaps in the Wiki (annotating where they came from and when).

Jim White

Distinguished Engineer, IoT Platform Development Team Lead

Dell Technologies | IoT Solutions Division

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