Re: Export Service to InfluxDB

Moonki Hong

(CCing Alberto)


Hi, David - it is nice to e-meet you. Thank you for your interests in EdgeX, especially for Vertical Sol. WG. As you know, the Export Service to InfluxDB has been initially proposed by Alberto as Oil&Gas project and it is about to go through the offical contribution process of EdgeX, discribed by the wiki page as follows: Surely, I believe that we could clarify more in detail about your thoughts on this and hopefully find a consensus on this contribution specifically with Alberto. We are about to set-up the next WG ad-hoc call at least next Monday in Pacific time. If you could present your own thoughts, please stay tuned with our announcement and let us discuss during the call.


How about this?





Peter Moonki Hong, Ph.D

Samsung Research Korea, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.



Sender : David Chang <changdavid418@...>

Date : 2018-05-23 18:58 (GMT+9)

Title : [Edgex-tsc-vertical-solutions] Export Service to InfluxDB

To : edgex-tsc-vertical-solutions@...


I came across the Export Service to InfluxDB on the EdgeX wiki page. We happen to have similar requirements to export reading to InfluxDB via export distro. Is there any progress for this work item ? I saw from Wiki that "Waiting for 0.6 release..." Is there some design or else ?  It seems that Alberto Dellabianca created the wiki page but can't get his contact anywhere from the wiki. Can I hook up with people who is involved in this project ? I can see what I can do to contribute to this part if possible. Thanks.



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