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Hi David,

We welcome contributions and input to “export services”, I encourage you to connect also with our Applications Working Group Chair – Janko Isidorovic (copied).


We are starting to see that the export services will need a bit of a redesign in order to scale better.  I am proposing at the next face to face meeting in June an SDK like approach that allows export distribution services to more easily be created and used independent from one another (something Alberto Dellabianca and I have discussed).  Look for more information in upcoming working group meetings.  But that should not stop you from offering up ideas and starting to contribute.




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I came across the Export Service to InfluxDB on the EdgeX wiki page. We happen to have similar requirements to export reading to InfluxDB via export distro. Is there any progress for this work item ? I saw from Wiki that "Waiting for 0.6 release..." Is there some design or else ?  It seems that Alberto Dellabianca created the wiki page but can't get his contact anywhere from the wiki. Can I hook up with people who is involved in this project ? I can see what I can do to contribute to this part if possible. Thanks.




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