[Recap] EdgeX Vertical Sol. WG Ad-Hoc call (May 29th)

Moonki Hong

Dear Vertical Solutions WG,


Thank you for your interests and participations. We had the ad-hoc WG call today. Here is a recap for the meeting for your information.


  • Contributor from Vertical Sol. WG
    • Currently we have 3 Contributors. From WG level, we have checked out that there is no additional Contributor from Vertical Sol. WG.
    • Eligible Contributors from Vertical Sol. WG : Moonki Hong, MJ, Alberto (Confirmed)
  • Project Maintainers (Smart Factory, Oil&Gas) from Vertical Sol. WG
    • Currently among Eligible Contributors in Vertical Sol. WG, there is 1 nominee per each Project Maintainer.
      • MJ as Smart Factory Project, Alberto as Oil & Gas Project
    • Since there is no additional nominee from Vertical Sol. WG, the above nominated candidates are approved as the Project Maintainers for the next annual basis : Smart Factory Project - MJ, Oil & Gas Project - Alberto (Confirmed)
  • Chair of Vertical Solutions WG
    • Currently we have only 1 nominee : Moonki Hong (Samsung)
    • Since the due date of the nomination of WG Chairs is 5pm PDT on Thursday, May 31st, 2018, we will wait for the expiration of the due date. If there is no additional nominee for the Chair of Vertical Sol. WG, we as Vertical WG approve the current nominee (Moonki Homg) as the Chair of Vertical Sol. WG for the next annual basis. (Confirmed)
  • Initiatiation of Large Contribution Process from Smart Factory
    • MJ updated 3 features from Smart Factory Project, which, we believe, might be also along with the existing Core architectures.
      • [NOTICE] All 3 features have been validated with Samsung infrastructure.
      • OPC UA Device Service (Java, C) : Also validation completed from OPC UA CTT, discussion with TSC Chair
      • ezMQ (realtime messaging framework) : Brokerless transmission
      • Pharos (System managememt) : We have a video clip to demonstrate how it works. MJ will post it up to the EdgeX Wiki prior to the upcoming EdgeX TSC F2F next week. (Confirmed)
    • Since it is now passing through the official code contribution process of EdgeX ("Large Contribution"), and Vertical Sol. WG believes that these proposed features are also able to be along with the Core WGs, we would like to bring them to the TSC for the technical / legal reviews as the next step in the contribution process. (Confirmed)
  • AoB: Testbed Project in Vertical Sol. WG
    • Moonki suggested Jijun (Wanxiang Group) for the establishment of "Testbed Project" in Vertical Sol. WG in order to encourage his and his team's latest efforts ("OMPAI testbed" in IIC) in terms of EdgeX promotion.
    • Jijun agreed the motivation of "Testbed Project" establishment and he said that Wanxiang Group is willing to take a lead for this new Project.
    • Moonki will initiate the Project establishment process with the regarding doc. such as "Project Template" from EdgeX. Jijun will follow up the details for the leadership and the actual operation of the Project. (Confirmed)


Thank you,

Moonki Hong


Peter Moonki Hong, Ph.D

Samsung Research Korea, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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