Vertical Solutions WG - seeking votes on Commerce Project meeting times #general

Corrion, Bradley W

Hello all,


We’d like your feedback on the Commerce Project meeting dates/times.  I have added two Doodle polls below which cover morning and afternoon possibilities.  Note that we wish to meet 2x a month, and I am proposing we meet in the morning once and the afternoon once each month in order to distribute the access across time zones. 


The morning options are shown here:  (Note that each week is different as the EdgeX calendar is different each week)

The afternoon options are shown here:


Please take a few moments and register your votes for both doodles.


Also please note, moving forward, we will be utilizing the #commerce hashtag for mailing list filtering.  I sent this to the broader VS WG in order to solicit participation from a wider audience.  Apologies for any duplicate emails.




Brad Corrion
Retail Solutions Division

Architect, Open Retail Initiative

480-552-3366 (w)

480-216-8483 (m)


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