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White2, James

Brad – I’ll be traveling tomorrow during the meeting time.  Below are my answers to the homework assignments:

Names:  EdgeX Games followed by EdgeXFest


  • Most Innovative
  • Most Likely To Be Deployed (most likely to be used in real world use case)
  • Most Elegant/Simple


  • Results in at least one organization adopting EdgeX for a real world use case
  • Results in at least one group submitting a contribution to EdgeX
  • Provides at least one new requirement for consideration to the EdgeX community


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Hi All,


Thanks for the great conversation last week around the hackathon.  I’ve attached the slides written during the conversation.


How does Tuesday @ 8AM PST sound for a follow up call?


Remember, these are the questions assigned as homework:


  • Question #1: Vote for top 2 event names (slide 5)
  • Question #2: suggest then rank judging criteria (slide 8)
  • Question #3: What would success look like?  What are the evidences that the event worked for the audience?



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Architect, Open Retail Initiative

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