[Edgex-tsc-core] Prerequisite skills for Edge-X ( Beginners Query )


Ashish – please see some answers to your questions in-line below.


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Hi Team , 


Apologies if this not the correct mail address to discuss these query .

Would be helpful if shared the proper address for such queries. 


We are grateful you are exploring EdgeX.  We’ll take your questions anywhere.  The edgex-tsc@... is typically the mail forum for general questions.  Importantly, you may want to explore the EdgeX Slack channels ( and will typically find help there more readily available with channels for all types of topics.


I have been reading about EDGE computing & EDGE-X looked interesting to me.

More than any thing , i do believe the problem EDGE-X is trying to solve . 



Can members please provide some pointers on :-


1) Is EDGE-X supported with Linux BSP created by Yocto or it is currently only for UBUNTU ?

EdgeX is hardware and OS agnostic.  We run on ARM and Intel, members are running on Linux, Unix, Windows, MacOS and more.  While I don’t have direct exposure to someone running on Yocto, I don’t know that there is anything in EdgeX that would prohibit this.


2) Can EDGE-X be evaluated on R-PIE & BB-Black board ?

Yes – EdgeX can run on a RP3.  You can find help on this here:


3) I am looking for using the EDGEX for building solution but among many 

    sub group getting confused as to which sub group weekly call would 

    be proper for me ( tried 1 session of TSC , Certiffication  ). 

The working groups are centered on various layers or parts of EdgeX technology solution.  Building automation is one of our key use cases (our conference demo is actually based on building automation).  But there isn’t really a work group focused on the specific use case.  You may also find attending the vertical solutions working group would be beneficial.  The vertical solution working group helps feed requirements to the technical teams so as to keep EdgeX grounded in real work needs versus hypothetical needs.  Several of our community members are also focused on building automation – in attending various EdgeX events and meetings, you might want to connect with these members to learn more.


4) In scale of 10 can team please let me know how much of below skill 

    would be essential to start with EDGE-X as i have to acquire them :-

    a) Docker         ( x / 10 )

    b) Kubernetes   ( x / 10 ) 

    c) GoLang        ( x / 10 )

    d) Python         ( x / 10 )

    e) Mongodb      ( x / 10 )

    f) Java             ( x / 10 )

    g) MQTT          ( x / 10 )


EdgeX reference implementation is mostly Go Lang based with some C at the device service side.  We do provide Docker containers as an option for deployment, but this is not required and not used in all use cases.  We use MongoDB as one of two options for local persistence in EdgeX (the other being Redis).  Java was used to create the original services, but all but one of those has been archived.  MQTT is an option for both south and north bound connectors – but this is just one of many protocols to get data in/out of EdgeX.

Today, there is no Kubernetes or Python in EdgeX – but users can use these and other technologies for elements of their own deployments.


5) Lastly currently i can allocate 4-5 hours of my time weekly to project . 

    But not sure , how & where to start ? 

    Members can  please do let me know i can be helpful in any of their task 

    ( my skill sets are linux kernel / device driver / yocto & C programming )


In our Github repositories there is an issue list for each part of the project.  For example, in edgex-go, our main repo, you’ll find the issues here:  In the issues list, you will find “help wanted” and “good first issue” tags.  These are typically good little projects to use your 4-5 hours and get started with EdgeX.  I would also encourage you to connect work group leads and attend their weekly meeting.  As you listen to the meeting, you’ll often get a sense of where a lot of the current work is happening and you can usually ask the work group lead for where you can provide help.  The work group lead can also help with questions you have as you start to learn and do more on the project.  Work Group meeting times and conference connection information can be found in the Wiki under the Working Group category here:


Currently started with documentation .